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The Types of Topology And its Understanding and Its Adventages and Disadventages

Network topology is a network consept that is made simply and serves as a network connector between one computer with another computer.The purpose of the network topology is to facilitate the process of tranferring data from one computer to another computer that is connected.
Topology is divided into 5 types of Ring,Bus,Star,Mesh,and Tree.
each has advantages and disanventages.Please refer to the explanation below.

1.Ring Topology

Ring topology is the arragement of the network that connects the computer in a circle to return to first computer,or Ring topology is a network that makes a circuits like a Ring (Circular).

EXCESS Ring Topology:

a.The coast is very cheap
   because it requires a very small cable then the cost incurred was fairly cheap

b.Easy Installation
   Systems that are just circular shape it will be easy to install

LACK of Ring Topology:

a.One computer is damaged then the data tranfer will be diturbed can even cause errors

2.Bus Topology

Bus topology is a neatly arranged network such as adjacend and facing bus terminal.The bus topology only uses one shared path to transmit data or like a passengers bus path or raise passengers in the terminal.

EXCESS Bus Topology:

a.cable used is not much and save cost.

LACK of Bus Topology:

a.Often data queue so that sometimes cause errors.

b.Difficult to detect interference.

c.If one computer experiencing interferece it could cause another computer interruption

3.Star Topology

Star topology is a network centered on one hub and all computers connected to the hub with UTP cable.

EXCESS Star topology:

a.If one of the computers is damaged then the network will not be disturbed at all.

b.It's easy to detect which computer is being interrupted.

LACK of Star Topology:

a.the cost required is expensive because the cable is needed a lot

b.If the hub is damaged than the network will be disturbed can even be completely paralyzed

4.Mesh Topology

Mesh topology is the topology that the process of sending data directly to the destination computer does not need through another computer.

EXCESS Mesh Topology:

a.Sending data not through another computer

b.faster data transmission

LACK of Mesh Topology:

a.Required a lot of cost because it uses a lot of cable

b.A very complicated installation process

5.Tree Topology

Tree topology is a combination of bus topology and star topology and shaped like a tree.This topology has a several level.Which are located hinger can control the lower.

EXCESS Tree Topology:

a.Easy to change the network if one day needed

LACK of Tree Topology:

a.Using lots a cables and it takes a lot of cost.

b.Data collicions often occur so they make it slow.

c.If the higher network is in trouble then the lower level will come into trouble
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