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How To Create a Ghost Facebook Account

 Hello guys this time i will teach you "how to make facebook ghost (facebook without name)".Facebook ghost is pupular in lately.Is the reason people make facebook ghost?if in my opinion,people make facebook ghosts because want to be a mysterious person 👤👤 How to make facebook ghost very easy and simple.You only need to provide the necessary materials.

The materials you need are:
  1. Internet.
  2. Laptop or smartphone.
  3.  browser like chrome,mozilla,ataupun opera browser
If it meets the requirements,we can to next step:

    • The first step please open your facebook account.
    • If so,click the setting on facebook

    • Then change the language on facebook.Look the picture below!

    • There is a top setting then click edit.

    • Change the language to spanish or espanol.See the below guys.then click save changes.

    • Then click general in the top left corner.

    • Then on the part Nombre click Editar

    • Since i just changed the name,it will not work anymore,so i just gave the tutorial.First name and last name filled with the letters below.

      •  After that just click okay or save or something to save.After that usually told to enter password again
      • If it is successful than it will look like this.

      To prove it please open another facebook account that have been friend with the ghost account that had been made,then it will look like this.

      So many tutorial from me,more or less i apologize.If you want to ask for tutorial please fill in the comment field only,god willing i will reply as soon as possible.
      Still want science?please visit here.
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